Aske’s Hide-A-Way

Utila Vacation Rentals tries to have something available for everyone and every budget; hence we are proud to offer Aske’s Hide-A-Way. This lovely little island style home is located near the Utila Soccer Field, up from the Main Street.  In a quiet area with long term neighbors gathered off of a paved road, this home was purposefully constructed in a true island style, much like the homes built here 100 years ago.  Built 10 feet up off of the ground and with a tall ceiling allowing for hot air to rise naturally, shuttered windows, when opened, allow the breeze to course through the entire home,  and two sets of double doors open the entire home up to the elements should that be to your liking!

Constructed on a Great Room or open plan, everything is the same room, with the exception of 2 interior walls to provide privacy for the bathing area. The kitchen has everything at hand to prepare not just a quick snack, but a full meal for yourselves or dinner guests.  An oversized table with stools provides more than ample space for your dinner guests, or just to study at or play games on!

A brand new King Size Bed, flanked by adequate shelving and storage sets the sleeping area apart visually, while not hindering the air flow. The bathing area has not just a shower with hot water, but a rarity on Utila; a full sized tub! Although it would be considered wasteful of water to use the tub every day, it sure is nice as a treat once in a while! The bathroom is finished off with a countertop mounted glass basin, giving a very nice touch to the Island Style Home.

Being a budget property, Aske’s Hide-A-Way is a favorite of IDC Students or those wanting more than just a week or two in one place without having to move. Check with Utila Vacation Rentals for pricing and current availability!