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Beautiful 2 Bedroom Cabana 

Located on the edge of TradeWinds, this wood frame cabin was designed to provide a respite from the busy streets of Utila and the noise and traffic that are part of being in town. This is a wonderful rental for those that want to enjoy the sound of the sea without the salt spray that is part of it. Built by a couple from Colorado, Red Cliff Cabana is a fully maintained two bedroom “cabin” sitting just across the street from the Caribbean that surrounds Utila, and surrounded on three sides by natural tropical jungle flora and fauna.

Initially designed as a one bedroom, the Cabana has been expanded to add a second bedroom with its own private entrance. With a Great Room in the main house that encompasses a Queen sized Master bed with an adjacent full bathroom, a cozy and well found living area including a futon sofa for families with younger children, and a fully stocked kitchen; all the comforts of home are at your fingertips, including a local cell phone if needed or desired.


A private safe, within a locking closet, provides peace of mind for our guests as a place to put valuables that are not needed in daily life on Utila (passports, etc.). WiFi, Netflix and YouTube on the property allows contact with home or business as needed, and air conditioning or (3!) ceiling fans will make the time spent online more convenient. Adding the second bedroom with its own ½ bath means friends can join you, but not be underfoot!

As people friendly as the interior of Red Cliff Cabana is, it is the wrapping porch that adds an additional dimension to this wonderful property! With hammocks placed at strategic locations to make the most of the almost constant, breezy, Easterly Trade Winds, and an alfresco dining table at the ready, the porch is more than just a place to find a break from the sun; it is actually a functional and enjoyable addition to the Cabana’s living space! Lying in a hammock with a book and glancing over the top of it to see the waves sluicing up on the shore provides welcome distractions from the work-a-day world that we all need. Red Cliff Cabana provides affordable solitude when desired, and a great place to entertain when the urge to share this special space with family or friends.

Getting into town when the whim strikes is as easy  as hopping on one of the two bicycles provided by the Red Cliff Cabana (deposit required) and is an easy 15 minute peddle to the center of Utila Town. Red Cliff Cabana also has two kayaks at your disposal! (Deposit required). Covered parking at the property is for your exclusive use.

Whether you simply want to have a safe, secure, and quiet location for your holiday, or you’re looking for easy to access activities, Red Cliff Cabana is a perfect location for a couple, a family, or a group of friends travelling together.


Red Cliff Cabana

Prices based on 2 people / + Taxes & Fees


$ 85



$ 595

$ 1071

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