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Second Wind
The ultimate in waterfront couples luxury

Second Wind is an exclusive TradeWind property which warrants the consideration of any single traveler, a couple that wants an upscale private residence for their visit to Utila. This one bedroom home is recently updated and complete in every way; custom granite counter tops in the kitchen, five burner heavy duty gourmet stove with top side grill, slab marble countertops, hardwood flooring and custom ceramic bathing facilities complete with a bench in the shower to name just a few.

As a one bedroom you'll find everything located all on one level; the living area, dining area, breakfast nook, and kitchen all share 180 degree wrap around views of the Caribbean, with the mainland mountains beyond as the ultimate backdrop. Privacy, however, is one of the ultimate beauties of Second Wind. Boasting a sea side wrap around deck and the entire house security monitored, you’ll be able relax with peace of mind. You can be assured that as a one  bedroom home you'll have complete privacy.

This home is a photographer’s delight and we invite you to set up your camera and tripod to make your own postcards from Utila. From the ultimate in sunrises and sunsets, you can expect to enthrall your friends at home instead of bore them. Photographing a meandering pod of dolphins, bobbing dive boats, or even just each other with the azure Caribbean behind you will make permanent memories part of your experience at Second Wind.

Second Wind, most appropriately named, is a home to relax in, to unwind in, and to enjoy. With no immediate neighbors on either side of the property or upstairs, this becomes your private oasis. Enjoy your personal, landscaped and groomed private beach set behind a private sea wall or settle into one of the dual sofas in the living room and enjoy the view, or simply catch up on personal or world events with internet or news on the 55” stereo television. This is your holiday and we make it easy for you to make the most of it; this is where YOU come to catch YOUR… Second Wind.


Second Wind is also pleased to provide guests with a Provisioning List so that upon arrival you have foodstuffs and beverages stocked and waiting. There is no fee for this service, you simply reimburse for the items ordered as per the attached receipt. You’ll also find that most grocery stores will provide free delivery to the property. An optional local cell phone is also available to our guests so that ordering either groceries or even restaurant deliveries couldn’t be simpler.

This is a true vacation property for the discerning, and we invite you inquire about availability.

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Second Wind

Prices based on 2 people / + Taxes & Fees



2 Weeks

$ 175


$ 2205

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