Utila Vacation Rentals

We work here so you can relax here~

We have been on island for over 15 years and have pretty well sorted how to get around. If you need assistance after booking one of our properties just let us know. From Private Drivers to Charter Flights from commercial flights to speed boats, we have the contacts to simplify your getting to Utila!

This page is constantly under construction! Check back to see the progress we're making! 

Utila was long thought of as the "undiscovered island" in The Bay Islands, but that has changed as time, and the off-beat traveler, has crossed her shores. Now a dive mecca, with some of the least expensive pricing in the world for dive courses, Utila is becoming better known and more frequently visited. The fact that Utila is a favorite of the largest species of fish in the sea, the Whale Shark, has also brought visitors by the thousands who have seeing these behemoths on their "bucket list".

Utila is known as one of the few places in the world where the Whale Shark can be seen year 'round. This gentle behemoth has been documented on Utila every month of the year, but the best viewing months are March through April and again from August through September. If an encounter with a Whale Shark is on YOUR Bucket List, let us help you to find appropriate lodging whilst you're on Utila!

Utila is proud to host Carnival, complete with

an exciting parade every year. The island

fills up with people from all over Central

America to join in the festivities. Floats, marching bands, and costumed dancers are sponsored by local dive shops, the Municipality and even major businesses from the Mainland. Great photo ops abound!