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Jasper's Utila Animal Shelter

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Hey! If you're bored, I

  would love a walk!

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Hey! Thanks! This is just what we needed!

Born of the commitment and initial generosity of Alison Frey, who has a profound empathy for pets, she was the impetus for the Jasper's, and is the only thing of it's kind on Utila. Staffed primarily by volunteers, be they local or tourists, Jasper's has become the darling of Utila. With low/no cost animal services to the local population who previously had nowhere to go for veterinary care for their furry family members, Jasper's has been an answer to their prayers. Supported by donations, fund raisers, and local commitment to keep Jasper's operating Utila Vacation Rentals is proud to be a small part of Jasper's. Many of our guests take time out of the vacation time on the island to help give the dogs at Jasper's a needed walk to really stretch their legs, or to cuddle kittens that need attention to acclimate.

Jasper's also runs an adoption service where they can provide you of all of the assistance, paper work, and transportation at cost for you to take a new furry family member home with you when you depart the island.

If you like pets, stop by Jasper's and see the most amazing donation supported  operation that you're likely to see anywhere on an island the size of Utila.

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Utila is so very fortunate to have people from near and far who care about the state of our beaches. We have all seen photos and videos of the devastation that is becoming more prevalent in our oceans, and what is out there eventually ends up on a beach somewhere. We are a small island and we are somewhere. Because we are a small island there is a great deal of pride that goes into our beaches, and consequently, a great deal of effort that is expended to make our beaches presentable. The majority of that effort is volunteer, so, if you'd like to join in we're more than happy for your helping hands. Check the link here see the next cleanup and where it will be located.

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