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Tony & Jo
Let our experience simplify your holiday!

We are Tony & Jo, and we've been happily living on Utila for over 20 years, living the life and the lifestyle that is Utila. We've been involved in everything from restaurants to bars, bars to hotels and real estate, and we currently own The Gardens, a boutique building; all upscale apartments.

We have been taking care of guests on Utila for well over fifteen years. We are AirBnB SuperHosts, we maintain  excellent VRBO, FlipKey and Trip Advisor reviews for what we do naturally.  We have found ourselves in the position of having more and more properties presented to us for rental and property management, and the need to present them in a competent and professional manner is our reasoning for our going formal with what we have been doing all along; hence Utila Vacation Rentals was formed for your convenience.

We do everything from maintenance to booking, paying Municipal taxes, transparent, audit ready accounting, and we make sure earned deposits are submitted to our Owners in a timely manner with our Honduran, Canadian, US and PayPal accounts. If you'd like us to take care of your property and guests, be it a simple booking and assistance for in country travel, or arranging full excursions for anything from snorkeling to overnight stays in Cayos Cochinos, just let us know!

We think our current awards from the industry speak for themselves, and we are proud to have earned them.

See our Owner Reviews Here!

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We are  long standing supporters of Utila Search and Rescue, one of the most important volunteer groups on the island & numerous lives have literally been saved by this group.


We are also supporters of Utila Warriors, another volunteer group that strives to provide assistance all the way from those that get hit with medical issues that they cannot afford to pay for, down to providing nutritional  food baskets for those in need.





We are also very fortunate to have veterinary care

for our furry friends due to the efforts of Allison Frey's Jasper's Animal Shelter

We have been involved with the Utila Medical Center for years, and we sponsor doctors that come to Utila to provide low cost/no cost medical care to those that require medical services but find it difficult to afford. We are especially proud of our involvement with this important effort of so many for so many on this little island.

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